Solwa S.r.l.

Solwa is a sludge dryer manufacturer which technology offers green innovative solutions in different fields of water treatment, for human and agricultural needs and for food and waste dehydration processes using and producing renewable energies.

Solwa technology, based on water extraction, is the heart of green applications for dehydration processes using renewable energies, raw material recovery and circular cycle systems.

The Technology has been awarded by several International Organizations, such as the United Nations and European Union, as sustainable and social innovation to face the global challenges of the future.

Solwa was established on 12 January 2012 in Padova – Italy.
In the same year, the company ufficially owns of the “SolWa” patent and is able to separate pollutants from pure water thanks to the only use of solar power.

SolWa module is declared an “Innovation for the Human Development” from the The United Nations (IDEASS program) and in the same year, the Huffington Post included SolWa module among the 10 Global technological successes of the year.

Today Solwa designs and produces belt sludge dryers with the aim of making sludge management efficient, respecting the environment and climate.

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