Epson Como Printing Technologies S.r.l. a socio unico

Epson Como Printing Technologies is the new company name resulting from the incorporation of For.Tex by F.lli Robustelli. Both leading companies in the “Digital Textile Valley” area of Como, they had been chosen by Epson in the early 2000s as partners for the Monna Lisa project, and were later acquired 100% by Epson Italia, becoming part of the Epson Group.
From 2002 F.LLI ROBUSTELLI has produced and sold under its own brand name "MONNA LISA" the digital inkjet printers currently used by 90% of fabric printers in the Como textile district. The fabric printing industry of Como, renowned all over the world, is the leading supplier of printed fabrics for Haute Couture, an excellence "made in Italy".
The continuous evolution of the "MONNA LISA" printers combines higher productivity with a continuous reduction of energy consumption and of the consequent environmental impact.

+39 031 483319 Via Firenze, 3 - 22079 Villa Guardia (CO)