Gualchieri E Gualchieri & C. S.r.l.

GUALCHIERI E GUALCHIERI, based in Prato, Italy, is a leading manufacturer of machinery for the production of fancy yarns, special yarns, high performance technical yarns and chenille yarns, that are well known and appreciated all over the world since 1973.

With manufacturing in Italy, machinery quality, versatility and flexibility have always been the main priority to ensure customers the best working and production conditions. Besides with the mechanical design the company also deals directly with the machines management and control softwares, continuously developping and updating new programmes, so as to keep the machinery always up to date, satisfy any production requirement and make INDUSTRY 4.0 possible.

Remote assistance is provided by Gualchieri e Gualchieri to improve customers’ efficiency and fix problems faster. Recently a mobile App “YARN G LAB” has been created to help all yarn technicians working on any fancy yarn machine to manage the yarn production process. This App is free and easy to use on any device. Gualchieri e Gualchieri‘s machines are successfully running in the biggest companies all over the world and are GREEN CERTIFIED.

+39 0574 590587 Via Nea Ionia, 43 - 59100 Prato (PO)