Monti Antonio S.p.a.

Monti Antonio SpA is considered a market-leader and a benchmark in the world of textile for applications like pressing and finishing, printing and laminating. As a result of the big experience grained in the calenders’ construction for sublimation printing, in the early 90’s the company started producing machines and lines for film and hot-melt lamination for sectors such as apparel, furniture, automotive, non-woven, leather.

Monti Antonio S.p.A. follows a multi-purpose strategy towards its customers: SERVICE (assistance and product’s update) TECHNOLOGY (new machines, also customized, and new processing systems, etc.) and TIMING are the strengths of this reality.

One of its most important and worldwide-recognized prerogatives is to offer solutions starting from standard machines with the ability to develop also customized solutions and production lines, both for printing and for lamination machinery. Their very important characteristics are efficiency and smartly management of productive and human resources. Its cooperation begun more than 60 years ago and is a tangible evidence of the continuous technologic progress, fundamental principle of any dynamic and productive company with more than 15.000 customers worldwide.

+39 0445 364619 Via Della Fisica, 6 - 36016 Thiene (VI)