Green Label even greener with Recyclability Index

In partnership with RINA, ACIMIT, the Association of the Italian Textile Machinery Manufacturers, has opted to update its Green Label with a new indicator that is linked directly to the recyclability of machinery produced by its associated member manufacturers: the recyclability index. Indeed, this new integration quantifies the percentage of materials that can be recycled, based on best practices in terms of the recovery, recycling and reuse of all components that make up textile machinery.

The goal is to engender and boost awareness on issues linked to a circular economy for ACIMIT’s associated members, in an effort to promote ongoing improvement for machinery in terms of overall technological efficiency and attention to end-of-life recyclability.

Recyclability Index: looking to the future

Whereas statements relating to the content of recycled materials have generally been in widespread use, attention is now increasingly being placed on a product’s end-of-life and its recyclability, especially in terms of greater awareness for EPR – Extended Producer Responsibility. In this respect, ACIMIT has opted to insert a new parameter within its Green Label: the Recyclability Index.

The Green Label thus will enhance its functionality, allowing users to calculate the new Recyclability Index, in addition to a given machinery’s Carbon Footprint, which already appears on the Green Label. This provides an added opportunity for ACIMIT’s associated members who have adhered to the Green Label, and all those looking to participate in the future.

This update is part of the broader Sustainable Technologies project launched in 2011, focusing primarily on environmental sustainability.
More information on how to obtain the Green Label and take part in the labelling project promoted by ACIMIT is available here.

Green Label even greener with Recyclability Index

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