Why Choose The ACIMIT Green Label

Green Label was born within the project "Sustainable Technologies" realized by ACIMIT (Association of Italian Textile Machinery Manufacturers) and certifies the performance of textile machinery in terms of environmental sustainability and energy saving, with positive impacts on the reduction of production costs. Choosing to certify textile machines with a document developed by RINA, an international certification body, means promoting change by focusing on the issue of sustainability. For this reason, we are addressing all companies operating in the sector: a more sustainable textile machinery industry is possible.

The first step in achieving your company's sustainability goals

Significantly reduce or eliminate the emission or use of hazardous substances in production processes, ensure greater water savings and better energy efficiency in production processes, allow the recycling of materials that have reached the end of their useful life: Green Label is the starting point for the achievement of goals set at international level, it is the recognition synonymous with innovation and look to the future of the planet.

How to get Green Label: follow the steps

Green Label is a tool able to differentiate the Italian textile machinery companies, offering greater visibility and making them competitive in a changing world. Obtaining Green Label is simple: the first step for companies is to join the project "Sustainable Technologies" by signing and sending the Memorandum of Understanding, then you will have access to the portal that will allow you to issue the Green Label, whose reliability is guaranteed by a process of monitoring and verification by RINA.

More information on how to obtain Green Label, here.

Why Choose The ACIMIT Green Label

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